Yalda Ali If My Daughter Has Fly Wings I Will Suggest her to leave Afghanistan

Yalda Ali was born on 1996 in capital city of afghanistan kabul . she is a young and talented tv host which every afghans watched her programs . she has been graduated from law faculty of kateb university In kabul . after graduating from university she asked help from Nabi roshan an Afghan comedian go find job for her , then yalda ali came to media by the help of Nabi roshan and her own talent . she was the host of famous morning program called Bamdad khosh .

after all when yalda joined media and she got Tv host face luck wasn’t with Yalda Ali , the government of Afghanistan flew down on 2021 and many media’s are failing and Journalist , Tv host’s try to leave country . during all this time Yalda ali also tried to leave country and her efforts paid off . Yalda recorded her last presence were in saracha program . In this program she explained how she had hard life and how she achieved her goals . for one question of tv host which she has been asked from yalda will she leave Afghanistan ? she answered indirectly that if my daughter has fly wings i will suggest her to leave Afghanistan .

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