Why Ex President Ashraf Ghani Fled The Country ?

Second interview of Afghanistan ex president ashraf ghani with CNN , he is exlpainnig that why he fled the country what was the reasons ?
ashraf ghani told to CNN that i did get on the plane because it became impossible to defend country . he told the CNN that all the presidential protection force melted and put on civilian clothes .

Ashraf Ghani told to that CNN that he was ready to go to ministry of defence but before he arrive there the minister of defence were left the ministry office and the ministry was empty . ashraf explaining that he was the last person to leave Afghanistan . Ashraf Ghani told that he wasn’t afraid of situations and everyone saw his oath of allegiance at presidential palace . Ashraf ghani told during he was leaving presidential palace he was wearing afghan clothes and even there was no time for him to collect his passport and personal belongings .

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