Ustad Nashenas Criticizing Ex King Of Afghanistan Amanullah khan

Dr . Mohammad Sadiq Fetrat known professionally as Nashenas is one of the oldest surviving musicians in afghan music industry . his fame began in 1950s since he had produced many albums in national radio television of Afghanistan . Nashenas has albums in different languages like Pashto , Farsi and Urdu . Nashenas also known as ” the afghan saigal “.

along with music Nashenas is also busy with history research and he is challenging people by his comments about history . Nashenas latest comment is about Amanullah khan Ex King Afghanistan who died in Italy . Nashenas saying that Amanullah khan was an irresponsible ruler and emotional person . He went to travel with his wife Suraya for 8 months while you can’t find any king , president or ruler in history of world like him . at the last Nashenas saying that Afghanistan never had a wise and mature in hole history.

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