After Ashraf Ghani run away Hamid Karzai wanted to enter ARG

Lastest Interview of General Alizai Former Chief of Army Staff with Afghanistan International express many facts about ashraf ghani and Hamid karzai . In this interview Gen Alizai saying that all National forces were ready to defend kabul and presidential palace . but suddenly he heard the run away of president ashraf ghani .

Gen Alizai said that after ashraf ghani run away from Arg Ex president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai called him and said that what do you think about the situation ? Gen Alizai said to Afghanistan International that Hamid karzai told him that this is time to enter presidential palace ARG , But Gen Alizai reject hamid karzai demand due to reasons . In this Interview Gen alizai Said that after government fall down he wanted to go panjshir to join National resistance front .

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