Afghan actress Hameda known as Sherengul Passed Away In Sweden

Hamida Abdullah a famous Afghan actress who known as Sherengul Parsoz in comedian movies passed away at age of 73 in Sweden , Hamida abdullah after graduation from school start working in kabul theatre and she didn’t knew that one day she will be famous in film industry . Hamida Abdullah first movie was Rabia Balkhi and after that she start to work in many movies with famous afghan actor Haji kamran .

after the fall of the communist regime in Kabul thousand of people start to migrate . Hamida Abdullah was also one of these migrants . she went to Russia and from Russia she has been settled in Sweden . Hamida Abdullah returned to herat afghanistan in 2018 with her son for kidney transplant and she was really satisfied with her treatment with afghan Doctors . we have to say that this trip was last trip Of Hamida Abdullah to Afghanistan .

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